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For game runners

How do I get my game added?

Just write a PM to Royal_Flush on NeoGAF containing the title of your game and the link to the game thread.

What can the program do?

It counts votes cast in the game thread (vote: Name). It also supports Doublevotes (Double: Name). Note that it just looks after these words. If your players use e.g. a Doublevote without being allowed to, it's your job to keep track of this. You might also consider punishing the player for this ;)

Hey, can you add functionality X I use in my game?

Depends on my amount of free time and on how complicated it is to implement. Just contact me and we can talk about it.

How do I use the program?

Start each day with [highlight]Day X begins[/highlight] and end them with [highlight]Day X has ended[/highlight]. X can be any amount of characters; the tool will outomatically label the days with numbers.

Does this work on other sites (e.g. Outer Gafia?)

No, it only works on NeoGAF and is almost impossible to port to non-vBulletin forums.

For players

How do I use the program?

You can cast your vote simply ba posting [highlight]vote: Name[/highlight] into the game thread. If you already have an active vote this dayphase, it wil be automotically revoked. You do not need to manually unvote. If you want to unvote, however, you can do so simply by posting [Highlight]Unvote[/Highlight]. Note that it is considered best practice to post votes in a seperate line, altough it is not needed for the tool to recognize it. The commands are not case sensitive, that means that vote does the same as VOTE or even vOtE.
You can look at the current vote count anytime by clicking on your game on the main page. On the very top there is a number telling you in which post the last counted vote was. If there are newer votes, just hit "Recount". Note that simple Unvotes alone don't change the counter (It's a bug, not a feature). Also note that Recounting takes about 2-4 seconds per page (50ppp) on NeoGAf since the current day started.

I hit "Recount" but it's still an old count!

That's not a question. But try completely reloading the page by pressing Ctrl+F5 (in most browsers). Sometimes the browser just loads an old version from the cache.

Why is my name all lower case?

Because I convert everything to lower case so votes for johndoe and his actual username JoHnDoE get counted together.

I have a special daytime action that influences votes. How do I use it?

Ask your game runner.

I made a mistake voting. What now?

Just make a new vote. Or pray your game runner judges by intention rather than literal.


Why does your page look like shit?

Because CSS is for posers. Real answers: I suck at webdesign so I rather have no layout at all than one that looks like straight from the 90s. If you want to do a CSS for this, go ahead and contact me on GAF.

How does this tool work?

Its a php script that iteratively crawls the html from the pages of the GAF thread and filters out the relevant sections. This is easier than one would think because vBulletin creates the html files following a strict pattern with lots of comments.

Can I see the source?

Sure, just send me a PM on GAF.

I know PHP. Can I help improving the tool?

Sure, just send me a PM on GAF. (That is, as is the question above, not a "Frequently Asked Question". In fact, noone has asked this yet)

You are awesome!

That's not a question. But thanks ^_^